• DSTAR is the Pioneering & Leading in the field of International Freight Forwarding, Express, Logistics Distribution, Supply Chain Solution including PAN India distributions with a single source, Reverse Logistics, Packaging Solution & E- Logistics.

  • Our End-to-End supply chain and logistics solutions will efficiently manage the transfer of products, information and funds between your suppliers and customers allowing you to focus on reaching the full potential of your business.

  • DSTAR will cover all the stages of your supply chain & logistics from the movement your inventory leaves your suppliers until the movement it reaches your retailers or final destination.

  • “A quality service relies upon constant customer interaction and feedback.  An immediate response to the changing environment with pre-defined business processes managed effectively and efficiently lead to the highest output from the lowest input and this is the strongest measure of quality.  The best certification of a quality organization is the measurement of the scale of the smile on the customers face”.

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Our Mission
  • The Logistics Company, Inc. was established to provide expert logistics management resources to meet our client's challenges.

  • We shall adopt and internalize a work culture which demonstrates “Small Enough to Say Big Enough To Serve" attitude to reflect in our daily responsibilities so as to far exceed our objectives, consistently striving towards market dominance. We will create historical landmarks forming a strong efficient for the future overcoming all the obstacles pro-actively to create delight for the customer.

Our Vision
  • To classified as a big business under the guidelines of the Small Business Administration (SBA). We will continue to compete as a small business principle, Good HR practice & Excellent Customer service in the international & International & Domestic Market.

  • No matter how big or small the company, we always focus to serve our best and competent services to our Clients as overarching aspirations to encompasses the big envisions where the company is heading long term business relationship.